A product offer of “non-conformity product 0” for a password! We at Toyo Tool create a future through manufacturing.
High Quality & Special Technology We work on manufacturing
products which always require
the highest degree of accuracy.
Createa 「REAL 」Thing We at Toyo Tool provide “Cutting Tools”
that fit customer’s needs and also offer re-grinding processing
by using years of accumulated knowledge and experience.

PRODUCTS Meet the reliability standards of customers with high-precision products

PROCESS Consistent quality managed by computer control

FACTORY The most advanced production facilities developed in 2 major sites

Head Office Factory

1-22-17 Kamikita Hirano-ku Osaka, 547-0001
Tel: +81-6-6756-7588
Fax: +81-6-6756-7500

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Kagoshima Factory

2399 Kasedamiyabara Minamisatsuma Kagoshima, 897-1124
Tel: +81-993-52-7608
Fax: +81-993-52-7603

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Tondabayashi Factory

1-3-1 Nakano-cho Higashi Tondabayashi city Osaka,584-0022
TEL: +81-721-23-6914
FAX: +81-721-24-6113

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The “carbide tools” by Toyo Tool, which are used for a wide variety of purposes, have a high level of reliability and a strong reputation among various major domestic companies.


CONTACT For all your cutting tool needs, ask a group of professionals about carbide tools, Toyo Tool Corporation!

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